Century Pallets proudly participates in the USDA BioPreferred Program     Our pallets are Biobased Products which are derived from plants and other renewable agricultural, marine, and forestry materials.  Ask us about adding the BioBased stamp to your pallets.

New Custom Pallets

Century Pallets is on Costco's preferred vendor list.  We have been manufacturing Costco block pallets since 2009. This pallet is available  heat treated and non heat treated.  No minimum order.

48x40 4-way Hardwood GMA Pallet

  • heat treated
  • non heat treated
  • any size
  • any quantity

 new 48x40 pallets

Century Pallets answer to the #2 used pallet shortage.  This a lower grade, affordable shipping pallet. 

48x40 Costco Block Pallet

Pallet Design System (PDS)

Softwood 48x40 4-way Heat Treated Pallet

Military Specification Pallets & Boxes

Softwood 48x40 4-way Non Heat treated Shipping grade pallet.

This is our "basic" heat treated pallet used for any type of international shipping.  This pallet meets all ISPM-15 regulations. 

  • Licensed PDS user
  • PDS enables us to configure the best designed pallet for your specific job, eliminating the costly error of overbuilding a pallet

We can manufacture any size custom pallet to meet your company's specific need!

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  • kept in inventory for Just in time shipping
  • no minimum order

Distributor of plastic pallets

New Custom Boxes and Crates

This is a 48x40 Grocery Manufacturers Pallet (GMA) pallet.  It is made of Hardwood Lumber and it is stocked in both heat treated and non heat treated pallets